How to Troubleshoot and Reset your AR Drone (1.0 and 2.0) after a crash

By | February 12, 2017

Eventually (possibly quicker) you’ll have a pleasing little ruin together with your ar drone best quadcopter. Perhaps you hit a wall too hard, hit the ceiling, smacked a tree, or sucked in a spray. Wrecks, crashes, and other emergency stops are par for the path with the ar drones.

AR Drone

Observe: that is an older “legacy” article and not updated – if you suppose it’s time to upgrade to a greater capable quadcopter/drone

In many situations, you just need to vicinity the ar drone back on a flat floor and start over. At the same time as this can work most of the time, other times the drone gained’t degree properly, one motor may not spin up, or some different trouble will arise. That’s when you need to strive some alternative solutions.

The suggestions beneath can have (1.0) for the unique parrot ar drone or (2.Zero) for the present day parrot ar drone 2.Zero. Recommendations that cowl both the ar drone 1.Zero and ar drone 2.Zero will have (1.Zero / 2.0).

1. Constantly do a flat trim / calibrate.
(1.0) earlier than each flight, crash or no longer, always do a flat trim, then, when you release, permit the ar drone hover for about 10 seconds earlier than flying. If all is well at this point, you ought to be accurate to go.

(2.Zero) earlier than every flight, crash or not, usually calibrate the ar drone 2.Zero. After connecting the battery vicinity the ar drone 2.0 on as level of a surface you can locate. On your flight app discover and click on “calibrate” earlier than starting up. Then take off and permit the ar drone 2.0 to hover, once a pleasing hover has began click on the “calibrate” button again and allow the ar drone 2.Zero to spin 360 ranges.

Doing the above lets in the ar drones gyros and sensors to reset and permit a good flight.

2. Reset after a crash.
(1.0) if you are the usage of parrot’s freeflight app, then you’ll want to press the reset button on the bottom of the ar drone. You’ll want an “in-field drone reset device” (a toothpick for example). If you are the usage of ar drone flight for android, the emergency button at the pinnacle becomes a reset button when the ar drone isn’t always flying. Pressing the reset will recalibrate the sensors and could nearly always get you returned flying again.

(2.Zero) typically it isn’t important to push the relaxation button after a crash, simply calibrate the ar drone 2.Zero as instructed in tip 1 (2.Zero) above. However if the ar drone 2.0 nevertheless has problems, the reset button may be discovered beneath the battery via a small hollow within the battery tray. The button is a honest distance down inner, however with consistent hands you’ll be able to push it with the “in-area drone reset tool”.

Note: we recommend a nonconductive device (toothpick or small plastic rod) for the “in-discipline drone reset tool”. By accident shorting out the ar drones circuit board through the usage of some thing like a paper clip may want to motive harm with the intention to require the circuit boards alternative

3. One or greater motors won’t spin up.
(1.0 / 2.Zero) this is a reasonably rare phenomenon but it can take place in a flight simply after a crash. You need to be speedy in this due to the fact without all of the motors spinning on launch, the ar drone will only make it about a foot or two into the air and do an unpleasant backflip (with any luck no longer into some thing). If urgent the reset button doesn’t resolve this one, first test the motor gears for any damaged or grit / dirt binding them up. Also check that there doesn’t seem to be any wobble in the prop shaft with the aid of unplugging the battery and spinning the propellers a few times through hand (see tip five when you have a unethical shaft). Observe the commands in tip 2 above and with a bit of luck that should positioned you back into the air. After trying all this and the motor still does no longer flip, you may have blown the motor, esc, or the motherboard.

4. All cars are spinning however the ar drone flips over.
(1.Zero / 2.Zero) see tips 1 and 2; additionally test the motor gears for any broken or grit / dust binding them up. Then check that there doesn’t appear to be any wobble within the prop shaft through unplugging the battery and spinning the propellers a few times by way of hand (see tip 5 if you have a unethical shaft).

5. Ar drone takes off but seems to be unstable and truly noisier than before.

(1.Zero / 2.Zero) you can note the ar drone wobbling a chunk or it’s going to drift and now not keep a strong hover. After some of crashes, the propeller pressure shafts may be bent or the propellers are broken / warped. Those troubles may be determined in more than one ways. One is to just spin the props by using hand and at eye degree appearance to peer if any wobble in the prop shaft is present. Investigate each propeller for cracks or other harm (in case you locate any cracks or chips inside the propellers do now not fly with them).

In case you are one hundred% positive there is no damage to the propellers you could fly the ar drone at eye level and carefully watch every propeller. The only(s) which are off-balance because of a unethical drive shaft or warped propellers ought to be evident as the two blades of every propeller will look like they’re at two distinct heights. It is quite recommended which you have a helper to do that, one to fly at the same time as the other watches the propellers and wear protection glasses!!!

To decide if the drive shafts are bent get rid of them from the ar drone and roll them on a tough flat floor to determine where the bend is. You could straighten them by means of placing the bend going through up on an anvil with a hole in it (location the bend over the hollow) and tapping it down with a small hammer. But once bent you may never be capable of get them flawlessly right. Update them with either stock versions or any of the aftermarket upgraded ones (titanium variations are our favorite) for the first-rate results. Continue the official quadcopter website.