Some Causes Heat in In Design House Small Type

By | February 9, 2017

Design House Small Type – When we feel the heat of the air temperature inside the house desain interior, the main cause is due to the lack of green open space as a protection from high temperatures. Especially for people who live in housing that uses roof made of zinc or asbestos, it will feel hotter temperatures. Besides the solid contents in the home furnishings, home design small type size standard, and also the land area of ​​less than 60 square meters, also be a factor in rising temperatures in the house. Temperature heat coming from outside the house also affects the temperature in the house, if the design of the house did not meet certain requirements.


At the present time we can use air conditioners such as air conditioning, Exhoust fan or fan. With such equipment, may not be so to feel the heat. However, the problem is not everyone resistant to cold air from the air conditioner and the like. Therefore, cooling air circulation will still be an alternative option for the atmosphere in the house was cool and fresh.

There are several causes of the temperature rise inside the house, which are:

altitude home

Building a house should meet the standard design of the house, for example by elevating the walls with a height of 3 meters from floor to plapond distance. Do not build a house with walls too short. Roof space heat will result in the closing plapond such as plasterboard, GRC becomes hot. The heat will seep into the room. If the house woke up early with a height of more than 3 meters wall will make the room volume will be larger, thus helping to dampen the hot temperatures.

Choosing materials roof space

The temperature of the heat coming from the roof space is the most dominant source of heat in a house. There are various ways to minimize the temperature of the hot roof, for example by increasing the height of the wall, and can also be done by increasing the height of the roof. Selection of materials to build a house closing the roof is the most important, by selecting materials that can propagate the roof space heat. In addition to installing dampers and making ventilation of the roof space will produce a good air exchange.

Create Good ventilation

If in a design type housing shortage small ventilation holes, then this is one of the causes of the room gets hot. Ventilation in a good home design is a model of ventilation jelusi united with the frame. However, the design is rarely used by people today, preferring ventilation minimalist model. It should not be just any house ventilation. One should also note the roof space ventilation. If the roof space is not well-ventilated, the heat will settle to cover plavon and spread towards the existing space under the plavon. The existence of adequate ventilation in the roof space serves as a filter to absorb the excess hot air so that the room in your house.

Leave some open space

In general, in a residential neighborhood mortgages, home design just have an open space on the front porch of the house alone. Construction of houses continues until the entire land owned menghabisakan. Without leaving open spaces. It also affects the inhibition of air circulation out and went into the house. These barriers lead to increased air temperature in the house so that the room in the house will feel the heat. We recommend that when building a house, still leaving open land for planting. If you do not make the open space outside the house, make the open space in the house to facilitate air circulation, so that the room is not hot.